Accessing RAC

Hello folks, for those using FireFox, can you confirm if you are able to log onto CRA represent a Client. I can’t access it via FireFox, but I can access it via Chrome. Wondering if it is a localized issue with or if others are having the same issue. thanks in advance

I lost access to Represent a Client yesterday, immediately after a Windows Update. I usually postpone these as long as possible because things always seem to go wrong after them.

RAC failed repeatedly on both my windows machines (Win10), but I am able to sign in with my Mac laptop.

I don’t know if this helps, but I suspect you are not alone with this problem.


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I have been unable to login to RAC with Firefox since last week.

However, Firefox had an update this morning (26 July 2022 version 103.0), so either that, or CRA did something today, but it seems to login with Firefox again now.

Thank you @joe.justjoe1 I just tried it and I was able to log in.