ReFile/Change Return To Add Climate Action Incentive

Due to an error with the tax cycle defaults, I forgot to apply for the Climate Action Incentive on a few clients. How can I ReFile/Change Return via Change A Return on CRA MY Account as A Rep To Add Climate Action Incentive.

Best and fastest is through Represent a Client portal.
There is an option to adjust the particular return and claim CAI.

Under which line…

click on tax return for wich year < expand all < line 60104

I dont see that line in tax cycle nor on the clients tax year 2022.

Was this adjustment for a return that was already filed? And assessed by CRA?

Yes its been filed and assessed by the CRA.

From Represent a client

yeah, I just noticed the option is for claiming the rural supp. only.

I think this year the client action incentive does not apply as last years