Recent file list - not working properly

I have an odd behaviour and I am certain I have a setting missing somewhere. My recent files list doesn’t show up until AFTER I have opened a file. Then I get the last few files that I have opened showing up in the recent file list.

I am at the most recent release. This is not happening to others in the office so I have to assume there is some option that I have set differently?

Client manager works just fine – just not the recent file list.


The list of recent files is stored in a xml file like this:


Before presenting the recent file list, TaxCycle evaluates all the file paths to make sure that they are valid. If you have some recent files from an old network path that isn’t presently available, the process of evaluating these files will be slow. Add to that, TaxCycle does this on a low priority thread to make sure the window shows as soon as possible.

So… the first thing to do is to delete this file: C:\Users\!USERNAME!\AppData\Roaming\Trilogy\TaxCycle.rc.xml

And then see if Recent Files show up sooner. If this doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll investigate further.

~ Cameron

That was the issue. Works like it should now.