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Client manager T2 Version 9.2.39507.0

When converting an in-progress T2 file to 2020 TaxCycle and selecting “Delete old return” the newly converted return is no longer showing up in Client Manager. File still exists in system, and in “recent files” but not showing up in Client Manager.

All filters cleared - all files being shown.

Newly created files saved in the same monitored folder are showing up, but converted returns are not.

Would it be possible to email (or e-courier) your most recent 3-4 Client Manager log files? They can be found in this folder on the computer where CM is running: “C:\ProgramData\Trilogy\Services\Log”. Hopefully, these will shed some light on why it’s not correctly indexing the new 2020 T2 returns.

Attention: Andrew Little As requested

(Attachment Client Manager 2020-07-03 01.32.39.log is missing)

(Attachment Client Manager 2020-06-27 01.25.46.log is missing)

(Attachment Client Manager 2020-06-28 01.26.40.log is missing)

(Attachment Client Manager 2020-06-29 01.27.45.log is missing)

(Attachment Client Manager 2020-06-30 01.28.59.log is missing)

(Attachment Client Manager 2020-07-01 01.30.13.log is missing)

(Attachment Client Manager 2020-07-02 01.31.23.log is missing)