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Indexing - files not showing up

I’m having somewhat inconsistent experiences with CM and indexing. Typical example:

I have a filter set as follows:

I have a second filter set as follows:
(the 2008 is an error I think…)

Nonetheless, there are files that show up in the second filter that do not show up in the first, for the 2019 year.

NO workflow or other filters are applied on these two…yet for a given year they show totally different results. All files are in the same location.

I reindexed not long ago (like two weeks, because I was having the same issue). Files are located on a remote server, but on a drive local to TaxFile.

Any suggestions as to what’s going on?

Notes: a regular “refresh” on the first one, with the missing files, does not work. Reindexing followed by a refresh does.

I have similar issues, even with my Tax Cycle Server running on the same machine I use every day. Every so often I stop the server and re-index. That usually fixes multiple entries in the Client Manager which point to the same file on disk. But it doesn’t fix everything. Some files that were originally created on a different computer, and copied to my main computer, don’t show up in the Client Manager for months, and then suddenly they do. It’s weird.