Deleted files still in lists

We have a bunch of files that were previously deleted, but they still show up in the databases searches. (some were case files from a CE class I did last year, some were linked/renamed, etc). When I try to open them, the message says “TaxCycle was unable to find the file xxxxx. Please verify that the file still exists and it is accessible from this computer.”

They aren’t in the TC file for the year or anywhere I have searched on the network. They don’t exist.

How do I get nonexistent files to stop showing up in searches? :crazy_face:

I have this same problem. It’s also screwing up my Client Manager. Hope TC support has a solution.

Could they be in your recycle bin by chance?

Unfortunately, no. I cleared the recycle bin hoping to get rid of them.

See link for suggestions. I often find that steps 6 and 7 are all that is needed.