Quebec Pro+

I was informed by Revenu Quebec that out-of-province tax preparers are not eligible for this.

Yes, professionals (and preparers) who are not resident/operating in the province of Quebec will not get access to Representative Pro+.

But that will not stop Revenu Quebec attempting to promote and encouraging you to sign up. They don’t seem to understand the concept that English Quebec Residents seem to prefer to have Non-Quebec Preparers handle their tax affairs. Frankly, they don’t seem to understand that people prefer to have a professional handle their tax affairs! (I think they prefer to have someone that they can “snow” and intimidate.)

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While on the subject, does Taxcycle TP1 transmit the MR69 when NetFiling a Quebec return?

MR69 does not transmit for any software. Revenu Quebec requires that it be mailed in AND it must be an ORIGINAL signature. They will not accept photocopies, electronic signatures, etc… And they will not tell you.

If it is urgent that I get something, I will got to the offices and sit down with someone. Otherwise, I mail and anticipate that it will take about 2-4 months.

Of course! I would not expect Revenu Quebec to be so user friendly…