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TP1 Netfile

TP1 transmission still displays “certification pending” after today’s update

Hello Marcel!

Can you please confirm that you have version number 6.1.31228.0 installed? You can find that information on the right side of the start screen or under File/Help.

If you do not have version 6.1.31228.0 installed, you can download the full install here:

Let us know if that doesn’t resolve the problem.

~ Annie

Downloaded the full install with success. Update link within Taxcycle reported ready to install but failed to complete.


Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience. For some reason we are having trouble with the download of the auto-update. We’re investigating and plan to repost the auto-update tomorrow. Hopefully then it will work for everyone.

~ Cameron

Quebec NetFile transmission rejected 3 times, this morning. Revenu Quebec reports problem with their phone system; cannot reach tech help…

Verified and re-verified my data … all good.
I get this error message from 3 different tax payers.

Good morning!

This error gets generated when your NetFile number, your password or both values don’t match what Revenu Québec has in their system for you as a registered preparer. Is it possible that a zero (0) could a letter O or vice versa?

If that fails, contacting Revenu Québec to confirm your accreditation would be the next step unfortunately.

For this kind of inquiry, you can contact Revenu Québec at the following numbers:
Québec City: 418 659-2281
Montréal: 514 873-3474
Elsewhere in Canada United States: 1 866 423-3234 (toll-free)

Hope that helps!

~ Annie

Thanks Annie, turns out Revenu Quebec had previously given wrong info as to which password I should input in Taxcycle for transmissions.
correction was made and all is good:grin:

Great I am glad it works for you now! Happy NetFiling!

~ Annie