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Revenu Quebec March 2020 Change (Electronic Signatures Permitted)

I know that this is posted on the blog for taxcycle.

I reached out to the Quebec Government Media team as to which forms we are permitted to have electronic signatures.

The only two forms permitted are:
TP-1000.TE and

Not the MR-69 form, which is the equivalent of the T1013 (now AUTHREP form). (I believe that the CRA allows the T1013 to be signed electronically, but not the T183… May change on Friday.)

I have pointed out to the Quebec Government Media team that failing to include the MR-69 with the other two, they are requiring preparers to meet with taxpayers for the signature. Thereafter, we can transmit the MR-69 electronically.

So I’m trying to get this set up in Taxcycle, are there good instructions anywhere for the integration, nothing coming up in search