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Promotional emails

Received one dozen promotional emails from tax cycle today July 28, 2020 for the same subject & content. Anything wrong with the system

i’ve got three so far

I’m at 4. Is there a prize for the most?

My apologies. Something in our system triggered repeated reminders this morning. Some people got 13 reminders.

I’m very sorry for this error. We are investigating the root cause, and until we understand what happened we have disabled the reminders on the website.

Please accept our apologies and delete the extra emails. We’ll post a notice about this on our website, but we are not planning to send another email. We’ve already blown-up your inboxes.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

I didn’t get any promotional emails… but then again I renewed my sub the other day. :grinning:


Why didn’t I receive any? I think I am being picked upon or discriminated against! Of course like @snoplowguy, I have renewed already.


None here either. I’m feeling slighted…