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Taxcycle is useless

I tried multiple times to transmit a T1013 to CRA but am unable to. After spending HOURS diagnosing the problem, contacting the e-file help desk and my internet service provider, I got the same error message when I tried to access my account as trying to transmit to CRA. I no longer have the email address I had when I purchased Taxcycle but the expired email address is my user name but the password no longer works. When I entered my current email address with a new password Taxcycle knew my name. I still could not access my purchases and got the message that I had made no purchases which is untrue. I don’t know
if that is the problem or if the latest update is not recognized by CRA. I also renewed for efile earlier this week.

I think you need to file the T1013 using the 2013 module not the 2014 per-release module.

As for your changed email, why do you not call their help desk or email them.

online support request

Call them at 1-888-841-3040

email them at

I have found the support be be superior to the previous product I have used. If you had done this in the beginning rather than spending “hours” you would have been up and running already. However, you decide to take the most ineffectual method, spend time going around in circles, not calling them for support and then decide to post here hoping to get a solution…

I have not had any issues that you have indicated so I would have to disagree that the program is useless and suggest that this is more user error then program error.

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BTW, did you update your efile password in the program after you renewed your efile number?


Thank you for your comments. I see from our files that Steven has just responded to you directly. @James has also provided some helpful comments on this forum. Just to recap… you must use the 2013 T1 to file the T1013 (for the next two weeks or so), and you should make sure your new Efile password (the one from CRA) has been entered. Steven has sent your license code and details of how to activate manually in a separate email. To confirm, you must use the license key and the email address you used to purchase, even if that email address is no longer valid, the manual activation will work anyway.

We will sort out the email address and any other account changes you require.

Have a great weekend, and we appreciate your support.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

"I also renewed for efile earlier this week"
I had the same rejection error when I renewed my efile - simply had to put the new CRA password into my TaxCycle profile and it worked immediately.
Hope this helps