Problems with AFR...again today! Am I the only one?

Anyone else having issues with AFR…this is getting ridiculous!! Before I call CRSA and waste my time I need to know if I’m the only one.

I have not to this point had any issues with AFR.

Still no help from CRA …getting close to Tax Time…any help would be much appreciated.

Still getting the “Forbidden” page when doing AFR.

Paul - it’s closed until the 7th to reset for 2022. Personal for sure and probably corporate AFR. Although mine doesn’t say “Forbidden” so I suspect that is specific to you and you will have to call them. Mine gives me the download screen as usual but says at the top that it will not be available until Feb 7th.

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Should be functioning as normal for 2016 to 2021 T1’s.

CRA will have AFR shut down for the weekend Fri at 11 PM returning Mon at 6 AM. RAC as well starting at 10 PM apparently.

Will not be able to use AFR for 2022 though unless we have a Taxcycle update with it turned on.