AFR Download

Anyone else having trouble downloading AFR. I keep getting System Error (503)

For me as well.

They are looking into it i have too

Yes been getting the error since early this afternoon. Not use to manually inputting data anymore. LOL

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I did not have any problems so far

It worked well yesterday but today I am also getting System Error (503). I am glad I am not the only one.

I have tried just now and am getting the same 503 error message.

Yes I am having the same problem. Thought it was just me as today was one of those day where nothing went right.

as of 9:44pm ET, this error is still appearing.

Had same issues, off and on, all day long.

I still cannot get info (since yesterday)

The goverment is working on it right now

I am not getting the error today instead following message shows up

TaxCycle was unable to complete the download
TaxCycle did not recieve a valid response from the CRA because of an unexpected transmission error.

I’m getting the same one today.

I am also getting this message "Start over… "

I don’t want to feel left out. I am also getting the same message as @walt and others are getting. Hopefully we will see this corrected soon

The CRA informed us this morning that they are experiencing database issues causing the T1/T2 AFR service to be inaccessible at this time. In addition, the following services are also affected by the outage:

• Express NOA
• Account Information Retrieval Service, used to get account balance information
• FRRMS Submit e-Documents (T1134, T106 efile)

As soon as we get updates from the CRA, we will let you know. Thanks for your patience!



Thank you Steven…

Presume you will update our Taxcycle News feed as we get more info from CRA

Love that Taxcycle is on this… and not leaving us all hanging wondering****:blush:


Thanks @rachelavryl Here’s the topic to watch:

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Seems to be working again.