Prior Year Issue

Anyone else notice that when you’re in a 2018 T1 file and you right-click and choose “Prior Year” to open up the previous year return – that it does not open to the same Schedule that you launched the Prior Year selection from?

The prior year return always opens to the INFO screen, causing you to manually move to the same schedule as was open on the 2018 return.

Bit of a pain in my experience.


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Are you using the latest version?

We made improvements here in the last release.

If it is still happening, I need more details because it is working correctly for me.

Just downloaded the latest edition
I will double check

Thank you

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Version 8.1.34803
“prior year” opening always goes to “info/personal information”, regardless of the original schedule open.

Actually, everytime I open any T1 return it always opens on the “Info/Personal information” screen.

Makes me think that I must have set an option somewhere at some time, but I cannot now think what that might have been.

This is an issue with rrsp transfers upon death of a spouse. Thanks

it would be nice if you could get the info from last year by doing right click and not have to open the whole file, the way i had it in visual tax a few years back when i was using that software. It was kind of cool feature and very helpful. Thanks.


That was a nice feature in VT, but over-all TaxCycle is so much nicer to use. I use both programs and can’t wait to stop using VT

James Leventakis |

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Hi Cam,

I’m using 8.1.34803.0.

I did read the item noting that it’s fixed, in the release notes, but it’s not resolved for me…which is why I posted it here – wanted to know if it’s happening for others.

At Joe’s suggestion, I checked my settings, but nothing seemed obvious there.

I thought maybe it might be due to me using the File Locking option starting in 2017, so I did some testing with that turned off.

In further testing, I find that it’s sporadic, actually does work maybe 10% of the times that I try it?

I’m good with a Webex if you wish to connect up and work through it?

Thank you…Mike

I have passed this information on to our support time.

In future, please start a relevant topic on the community… your question does not appear to relate to the form that is open when you select a prior year.

Also, I am deleting your personal information as we don’t recommend posting that.

Joe –

Please check this setting:

Mike –

I’ve made one more change that may help you. Please check it out in the next version, which will probably be available for download Friday, with the auto-update following on Monday…

navkam2000 –

We do have something similar!

Right click on an empty data monitor field and select “Edit Data Monitor”, then select “Prior Year Value”.

That data monitor will then show the prior year value for whatever field the cursor is sitting on.

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Will do Cam…thanks!

As you mentioned in your email to us, it turned out that client was over 71 and not able to transfer to a RRSP. The amount needs to be transferred to a RRIF

I see the same as @mike - latest version of TaxCycle still doesn’t open prior year return to the same schedule.

Thanks Cameron, that is indeed the setting!

However, re-enabling that check just means that every return opens to its last-saved-state view tab, whether or not opened via the “prior year” right-click option. Hence, the “prior year” return does not open in any case to the same schedule that one is invoking it from. (I actually don’t remember for sure if that has always been the behavior, but I thought that I remembered that it used to open to the same tab/schedule before - maybe my recollection is wrong)

(For reminder to self, I note that the “default initial tabs” on a file are set by clicking the circular symbol at top right, and also that Tab order is generally left to right, so that the top (also left-most) tab is the one that will open as the opening screen tab as default)

I got one new corp client and am trying to adjust his previously already efiled t2 return but software does not allow that one and cra will not accept it as they already have original tax return and there is no way to amend it in their system either. any suggestions please. thanks.

Naval Gupta

I am using version 8.1.35158.0. I repeat my question that i have recreated new client 2017 t2 in the system which he had already filed with previous accountant with cra and want to send cra amended one. Same issue i had with personal ones but one or two of them i was able to change with cra directly as i could not do it in the system. thanks.

Naval Gupta


You likely know this but filing an Amended T2 return is different than filing an amended T1. I recently Efiled an “Amended T2 Return” for a new client because CRA had raised an arbitrary T2 assessment under subsection 152(7) for failure to file returns. When I tried to Efile the 2014 T2 as an original filing it was rejected because a 152(7) assessment constituted an original filing, even though it was the CRA themselves who filed the return.

In any event, filing the Amended T2 was fairly seemless. I went to the “Corporate Information Screen” on the T2 Return and answered “YES” to the question “Is CORPORATION XXX filing an amended tax return?” under the Filing Section. I then went to the “Adjustment Notes Screen” and entered my explanation for requesting changes to the T2 return. I then went to the Efile Transmit section of TaxCycle and Efiled the Amended T2 the same way I would if it was an original filing.

The Notice of Reassessment was generated in about 10 days reflecting the changes that I had made.

For my amended T2, I really only did 2 things;

  • Answer 'YES" to the Amended Return question in the Filing section of the Info Screen
  • Provide an explanation for requesting the adjustment in the Adjustment Notes section (T2-ADJ form)

As you may not need to, I did not need to go through the process of taking a snapshot because I did not file the original T2 return. There is some more information about the process here;


Thank you for this clarification and for providing detailed step by step procedures. Your explanations are always very practical and easy to follow. This one just happens to be very timely for me. :smile: