Shortcut for creating new prior year returns doesn't seem to be functioning

I’m just trying to create a few prior year tax returns for a client that needs some catchup work done.

I already have a draft of their 2022 return, and I’m using the data tab and selecting “prior year” from the ribbon to try to create a 2021 return.

I used to get a prompt to ask if I wanted to create a new return based on the current one (as described here: Prior-Year Returns - TaxCycle), but it seems to be skipping this and just jumping to the “Reselect prior year file” file explorer dialogue.

Anyone else notice this, or is it just on my machine? I think I used this feature successfully just last month - it’s so handy!

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

This is something that you will want to call TaxCycle before they close for Christmas. The support personnel do not monitor these forums, so a bug like this they need to be told.

Thanks, @TimParris - I’ll reach out to them directly.