"Opening Prior Year" function broken in T1s

The “open prior year return” function in our T1 returns no longer functions properly - I can’t remember the last time it worked. I believe it used to work quite consistently, but now it’s always bringing up a windows explorer window for us to hunt down the applicable prior year file in the expected directory.

All of the prior year files are indexed in our client manager database.

Has something changed that could be affecting this? I could understand this not working if we didn’t have the database setup because we have a somewhat complex directory structure, but considering everything’s in client manager it seems like it should be relatively simple to link [says the guy who used to have trouble programming batch files].

Anyone else experiencing this? Wasn’t much of a bother up until now that I’m reviewing a ton of T1s each day.

No problem here.

Have you updated to version 7.1.33087.0 ? As that solved my problem.

Thanks @taxwave and @tim1 - interesting that it’s working in other instances.

I just updated to the latest release and the issue is persisting on my PC. Double checked another in the office and same result.

Have you moved your files? I believe we store the location of the prior year file in the current year at the time of carry forward. If you’ve moved your files that link would be broken.

The reason we don’t use client manager to find the file is that not everyone sets client manager up. I’ll look at it and see if we can add this option as a backup.

Can you check what it says in your file history?

Thanks Cameron,

That’s what the problem is - we’re using sync.com to share files this year and the directory paths that our preparers have are different on each PC depending on user name, etc. They still end up in the same folder on our server, so it didn’t click that this could cause an issue.

A backup search through client manager would certainly help us out if possible!

I have upgraded to laptop along with my old computers in my new office but I am not able to see all files by name whether they are filed, pending or missing something the way I was able to do last year which is kind of embarrassing some time. Would be nice if you are still able to see/monitor and file or fix as per reports. Also invoicing should be integrated into the software whether we have any stand alone accounting software or not. We should be able to keep track of the total amount/ returns done etc. Another thing kept coming to my mind is that if you just want to see an amount from previous year, you should be able to do that without opening full file just like in visual tax.

Also if you switching in between two returns whether family one or just husband and wife, the screen should take you to the same form as that is the reason to switch to next screen some time to show client the tax situation on the other side etc. thanks.

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Use the key to switch between husband and wife and you’ll stay on the same form…

I used a surfacebook along with a desktop and have no problem with the links being broken. You need to use the same directory address for each computer so they don’t lose the link to prior years or DoxCycle files. I use Onedrive but i had to make sure my windows folder was the same name on both computers so the file address is always the same(ie name/onedrive/folder). not sure if their is another way to do this as well or maybe something could be done in the program itself so if you are using Onedrive (or something similar) Taxcycle could monitor that folder somehow. Of course in my mind it’s a 5 minute fix, reality is not so simple .