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Printing Schedule 2

Is there any way not to print the Schedule 2 worksheet? I still want to print the Schedule 2.

Does not appear to be split in general print job. Maybe email to see what they could do.

They used to monitor this forum. I have the same issue with Employment Expense worksheet.

We still do monitor the forum! :slight_smile:


Yes they do monitor the forum; however, if you need a quicker response email them or you can add the @Cameron to your question on the forum or @Elizabeth or @Steven … you get the picture so they get a notification that some one is asking them a question when they log in. :hushed:

I read most of the forum posts whether I’m tagged or not. For feature requests I like to see how many people care so we can prioritize the ideas that get posted. If I respond immediately and say that we’ll do something it tends to kill the discussion.

Also, at this time of year we are very focused on getting certification and AFR working. Most of our clients can wait a week or two to fine tune their workflow, but no one will be patient if we can’t efile or use AFR when the services become available.

@balanced_books - Delete the T777 from the print set, which will take the T777WS with it, then add the T777 back.

This is a little bug… it should be possible to delete the T777WS directly. I’ve fixed it for the next release, so alternately, you can wait.

I’ve also added a S2Only print item you can use to print just the S2 without the worksheet. So in the next release, delete the S2 from the printset, and add the S2Only item so you’ll get what you want.


~ Cameron

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You can have someone add a poll to requested features. We do that that in several in my bookkeeping Facebook Groups.

Clearly February at the start of tax season is the time get efile certifications done and core function wrinkles ironed out.

Workflow and print set stuff is nice to have but not critical.