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Print T183 single sided

I like to print two sided forms but then the T183 and the T7DRA end up being printed with some other form. Is there an easy way to have them printed single sided? Currently I don’t print them with the package then go in and have them printed separately. I get what I want but there must be a better way.

In your Print Configuration (options–>T1–>Print–>2018) click on “edit” beside little Printer icon near the top right of the page that lists all of the forms in your print set.

Then put a checkmark in “Keep forms on separate sheets” when you see all of your custom printer options.

That’s simple enough! Thank you!

I created another print set for the T183 called T183 and one for the T7DRA.
This way they print alone and the rest of the return prints double sided. I found using the option of keeping forms on seperate sheets gave me some blank pages in the return where there are an odd number of pages in a form