Options module request - t1 print 2019

TaxCycle Options - T1 Print

on the left hand side which lists all forms or used/used forms. we have one search criteria - form name. I would like to add two addition search boxes.
1 - Form name - current.
2 - Form group - ID, Slips, etc using your current default grouping.
3 - Form type - Firm, Client, EFile, Tax Return, Prov XX.

This can be simple search to start and then boolean later.

Firm - Label, invoice, billing ws…
Client - Letter, info, dependent, notes, post season, pre-season, planning…
EFile - Efile, Refile, worksheets, NOA, eNOA, audit, keying sheet …
Tax Return - Jacket, schedule, worksheets, elections, and forms, all federal and provincial forms, schedules, and worksheets.
Prov XX - search by two alpha characters for a Province.

Currently we can drag and drop single forms from the used-unused list on the left hand side to a specific position on the right hand side. I would like to be able to drag and drop a group of several forms in a group in a single drag and drop.

Currently we can drag and drop single forms within the right hand side list of print set forms to change their relative position up or down in order. I would like to be able I would like to be able to drag and drop several forms at once up or down the list.

Currently their is no search box in the right hand list. It would be helpful to have at least one search box for this list to be able to find it quickly and then move it to the correct position. Of course, were you to implement the triple search box, then I would really prefer to be able to search by up to three types of search. This can be simple search to start and then boolean later. This would help greatly in the reordering and customization of print sets.

Currently we can delete forms from a print set one by one. I would like to be able to delete forms in groups. Some of the requests above may aid in the workflow.

Some forms are new in a particular year. Some are changed. Others are no longer used. It would be nice to indicate this somehow.

R#1 doesn’t need to be overly complicated. You can search by any part of the form name now (form #, Name, subject) so why the need to clutter up the screen with multiple ways to do the same thing?

R#2 and R#3 are al;ready there. Just hold your CTRL key to select the ones you want to move and then drag to whichever side you want them to go to.

I suspect R#5 is also possible using the same selection process (CTRL key)

R#4 rarely needs to be modified form by form. The program only prints forms that are used, the rest are there in case they are needed. I’ve used this software for years and the only change I make on the Print side is to move the E-File Receipt to the top and delete the Client Letter that I don’t use.

R#6 - Why? Who cares if a form has changed in a particular year? TaxCycle has gone to a lot of work to get the forms right - trust the fact that they are certified by CRA before they are made active.

The reason for R#6 is that it indicates to me (and presumably the original poster) that I need to look closer at those forms during my original set up for the year. If I have custom print sets, do I need to add them? Do I understand the claims being made on those forms? Am I certain that I have reviewed the legislation for this form?

If you are keeping your tax knowledge up to date, as I would hope all who offer tax services do, and I know Dominique does, then it should be in your client notes (or in your head) that this new form could apply.
When I go to Tax Update, I put tabs on any page that may apply to my clients, with their name on it, so I know to look into it and diarize any action required once I am back at my office. That little exercise familiarizes me with the changes enough to know if it needs to be printed or not.

I have rethought how to make the print set modifications much simpler. I will document this week. This should radically simply my request.

Thanks for your suggestion re the CTRL key. I will ask Aliysa to help me with this. The CTRL and select multiple forms at once on the right hand side to move in a block did not work when Aliysa and I tried this out a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps there was some other issue preventing this move.

In addition to using the CTRL key to multi-select forms, you can also select the first form in the list, and then hold the SHIFT key when you select the last form in the list to select a range of forms.