Printing options not carrying through in my default options

We have an option profile saved in a central location that all of our team has access to. Everybody has the same options profile. For all of our printing from TaxCycle, we do a print to PDF first and that is part of the default option profile.

We’re now upgrading four computers and when I connect to that same option profile, all the print settings are set to default printer. I have to go through and manually change them to PDF to get most, but not all, of the print option profile to populate.

Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn’t the option profile be the option profile in all and every aspects?

The option profile should be the same on all machines it is loaded on. Have you checked that the new machine is using the option profile that you want it to use instead of the local profile? (in the “manage” section). You can also reload the profile from there.

I did check. I even cloned the option profile from my computer (it’s the one I ultimately wanted everywhere and his printing to PDF) and saved it with a unique name. Load that new profile into one of the new computer and all my print setting go to default printer instead of PDF.

If I change the printer to PDF on that new computer, about half the setting default to the ones I want. For example, the file name and default path carry over, but not the “what to do after the PDF is created”

I think you need to call them! The customer service is great and they’ve always managed to solve any weird questions I’ve sent their way.

In my first month or two with TaxCycle I was on the phone with Tech Support all the time.

In the beginning I took random notes and random screen clips. Often these were too confusing for me to follow since everything was so new, vast, and deep.

Thank you tech support for your patience and great support!

After a few months I started to take notes systematically and outline procedures for future reference and standardization. If you like to take notes and create procedures then this post is for you.

If not, then ignore it.

For configuration and odd ball stuff I share my screen with Tech Support, take notes and screen clip the setup with the values in each step into OneNote. Otherwise, I get too darn frustrated at not being able to remember how to do something that happens occasionally or that is a new procedure for me.

I ask for both video and blog post references. At the end of the day or on the weekend I review my notes and the references to make sure that I have a lock on the procedure. If not, then I call back for further clarification.

I add those links into my OneNote.

I expand my notes and clean-up my formatting.

I name my OneNote section with relevant key words for easy search such as print configuration, letter templates, etc.

I put them in my OneNote Section Group called - TaxCycle Training - 2019.

I create a Table of Contents for fast search.

This saves me hours of grief and frustration when I can’t remember how to do something, can’t find it in help on the support website, and, after hours when tech support is unavailable. It also helps me create a workflow template for configuration review, configuration or options changes, PC upgrades or moves, and feature update reviews.

In my view organization is key in life. You seem to have a good handle on it.

Gender color codes keep disappearing and have to be reinstated. :frowning_face:

@helga_spence - Is there a pattern to this that we can investigate. Do you have to set them up again every time you start TaxCycle, or just occassionally?

2018 and 2017 I have rest several times. Today i checked 2012 - 2016 and all needed to be reset as well.

I think I need to track updates as it may or may not be related.