No print job?

Not the very first time I encountered a problem with the Taxcycle software. After completing the tax return, I go to PRINT/PDF and instead of the forms to be printed, there is a message “There are no print jobs selected”. I cannot print the tax return. I have to create a completely new tax return and enter all data again which is time consuming and annoying. (It is a non-resident tax return if this info is important)

Any idea what this could be?

Lack of knowledge on how to setup and use the software?

Start here.

I’ve been using Taxcycle for years so this has never been an issue.
But thanks, I figured out the tax software’s error in creating the print job forms.

TaxCycle tech support is open today. Configuration issues could be in print set-up in TaxCycle or print drivers on your computer.

Compared with Intuit ProFile any TaxCycle print settings glitches are trivial.

There is no comparison to Profile. Everything in TaxCycle is so much easier AND faster.

@David_R_Officer you are absolutely right. I ditched ProFile after just one year.