Preseason Letter to Map in Microsoft Forms

These are on my wish list

  1. Presaons letter converts into Microsoft Forms
  2. We send the preseason letter checklist to the clients directly from Taxcycle and their answers to prepopulate in their tax returns.

I would like a unicorn in my backyard. I’m just joking and I realize the trend these days is to link different programs/apps. From my limited research, linking apps with a tax program is a great idea but the linking technology hasn’t come far enough to be really accessible.

The problems I see are 1) since everyone can edit the preseason template to their liking, it would be very difficult to have the program create a MS Forms document that works for the majority of users, 2) TaxCycle likely won’t link to other programs (other than Xero) until cloud use expands, and 3) MS has a history of changing their forms program so investing $$$ in this link could be a complete waste of resources from a change by MS. Finally, other than perhaps a change of address or info regarding a new dependent, what info would an existing client provide to you that you couldn’t get from downloading slips/info from CRA during tax season?

If you really want to pursue that, you would need a program that can read the info from MS Forms and then insert the info in the appropriate place in a TaxCycle file. That sounds like custom programming (expensive) with marginal benefits.

My wish would be to make the Client Manager more customizable.

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