Batch Emailing Preseason Letters?

I am wondering if anyone knows a way to use TaxCycle to prepare and email preseason letters?

I have created the Preseason template and would now like to send it via email to all the clients I have email addresses for.

Hi @richard,

We have prototyped a solution to this, but do not want to release it for use until we add checks and balances so that batch emails couldn’t be flagged as sending spam. It is easy to get your address flagged as spam by sending bulk emails. Then, if this happens, email clients like Outlook would consider all emails from your address to be junk. That wouldn’t be very helpful to preparers who want their clients to trust them and respond to them in a timely manner.

There are services out there that exist to assist with this. It is on our list to continue work on, after we have completed other time-sensitive items for this season. We will release it only once we can integrate appropriately with one of them.

Would you mind if we contacted you when we are working on this again to show you what we’ve got in mind?


Thank you for the explanation and yes you can contact me. In the mean time I have found that if you set your print preferences to email. You can individually send emails to each client. It is just time consuming as TaxCycle has to generate the letters and then you have to press send on every email.

I was wondering the same thing- I would love to email rather than mail the letters, and couldn’t figure out a way that wasn’t time consuming. I hope that there is a workable solution!

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Hi Ashley:

I actually found the solution. It requires having email addresses for you clients on the Info screen.

First in the Template editor create a preseason cover email. I just copied the template for emailing completed returns and revised it.

Then open a return and go to your preseason letter. adjust the print settings for the letter to Adobe PDF and save to/Email to email with the template you created.

Finally all you have to do is a batch print with all the clients you want to email and form of your preseason letter.

Unfortunately this generates one email per client and you have to send them individually.

So if you doing a large number you may crash your email client. I found batches of 50 worked well.