Pre-season letter & T4A(OAS)

I was looking at the pre-season letters and noticed that for clients that have a OAS its shows the following
"T4A(OAS) - Statement of Old Age Security (0)"

its a bit confusing.

How can i get a check off box in front of it?

Also for T4A§ and T4E in most cases there is only one slip. I’d like to have those look like this:
❑ T4A§ - Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits

Is this possible?

  1. Can you explain what is confusing about the T4A(OAS) mention? It is meant to remind them that there way may be a slip to collect relating to it. Or information they should give you.
  2. There is no way to automatically check the box in front of it. It is just a character in the letter. If you prefer, you could modify it, so that it shows a bullet or something else.
  3. You can exclude certain slip type, so if you never want to show T4E, for example. But this would mean no clients, ever would have mention of a T4E. There’s a section at the bottom of this help topic about excluding a type of slip from these lists:

Since the OAS slip has only one slip in Taxcycle (vs. other slips where you can add slips) the count on the slip is (0) and there is nothing to list. This could be confusing to some clients.

Here’s what the letter looks like for one of my clients.


I will just manually change each letter that is affected to look like this


Thanks Nicole. You are correct. We just added those counts in the last release. Let me see if we can do anything to fix it. Good catch.

I have fixed this. @Elizabeth, can you please double check what I’ve done? :slight_smile:

~ Cameron

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