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I experienced something strange today. One of my clients bring T4(OAS) and Box 18 & 19 are showing $22857.44. Does anyone else encounter a slip with an amount over maximum? The client has no idea if she received this much as it’s directly deposited to the bank. Her married status is widow from so many years. Does anyone know what should be the case?

If this is her first year to receive OAS, and she applied late, this would happen. It could be a catch up situation.

Thanks, it sounds right. Never thought of this.

You don’t have to apply late. My client applied six months before she turned 70, 2 years later she is told they have her application but it has yet to be processed. :-1: :roll_eyes:

There are two benefit statements - regular month benefits and lump sum payments. Service Canada generally sends the lump sum payment advice by mail on or about the time of payment. The monthly benefits statement is generally sent by mail on or about the time of eligibility and updated at the time retroactive payment.