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Other thoughts from the Trilogy tour

  • T5018 - while there is really no good way to import T5018’s in the T1 return, a diagnostic would be useful, if Slipsync indicates there is a T5018, but the return does not show any self employment income.
  • T4, etc is imported via Slipsync. They could also be imported to Doxcycle via the print to PDF function, as the program will allow for separate files for each slip on the ‘employee slip’ print. Needs some finessing on the file name variables.

When printing returns using 'print/PDF family, it would be great if all the PDF’s would be combined in one e-Courier transmission.

Currently, an e-courier is generated for each PDF earmarked to e-Courier.

Played around with PDF’s of slips generated that are set for slip sync. Have a PDF of the slips to go to the Doxcycle files set to go to the ‘published slips’ folder. They get the following file name by default ’ Employee last name, employee first name - slip type - slip year’

I can work with that. :slight_smile:

@Cameron, could you please address this issue? Or is it something I should go to e-Courier for?