"T1 Efile" Default Print Set

We are new to TaxCycle. I am working on setting up our T1 Print Sets. There is a default Print Set called T1 Efile. The only form in the print set is the CPT20. It’s not clear to me why that form is the only one in that print set. What is special about the CPT20?

It’s a form to elect to pay Canada Pension Plan.

There should be three other forms in the default print set for T1 Efile

  • T183
  • T1135
  • T2091

If they are not in the default print set, you can restore the default print set.

My default only has the CPT20, which is why I thought it was strange. If those other forms were included it would have made more sense.

Have you clicked on Restore priint set or the show missing forms to add/reset them?

David, thanks for your response again.

This is what my screen looks like. Wouldn’t I have an asterisk by the T1 EFILE print set if it didn’t agree to the defaults? I’ve changed it, got the asterick, then clicked on the asterick and said to restore to defaults and all it leaves me with is the CPT20. For some reason my defaults are different than yours.

Will the “Restore Default print sets” wipe out my custom print sets? I’m hesitant to use that link.