"Open existing file" dialog, but file is deleted?

In the process of creating a new file for a T1013 I created a single file for a couple of people, filed the T1013s, then realized that I could combine them as a family.

One file for the mom was created using the her actual name, but then saved as her “CRA name” (slightly different) when I coupled it and added the kids.

I deleted the one with her real name (physical file on disk) but when opening the family one still get a prompt saying that there is a second file with the same SIN. I am, obviously, unable to open it but would like to get rid of the prompt.

Can I “reindex”? (Not using Client Manager if that matters…)

Do you have the client manager license? if so, find the offending file in client manager and you should be able to right click on it and select remove file from client manager

Reindexing would also work but would take longer.