T1 message: "One other file with this SIN is available"

Two or three times this year the message “One other file with this SIN” has appeared at the top of T1 returns. It’s followed by the “Open existing file…” message. When I click on this message, nothing happens. I have done various searches through file manager to try to find the duplicate files on my PC, but no success. It worries me that a duplicate file could exist, and I’m wondering if anyone else has run into this and if there is a solution?

There was another thread on this same topic recently:

Your answer may be in there.

If this person is a dependant of someone, you may have added them to that person’s tax return as a dependant. ie: Parent => Child or perhaps Child => Parent …
In these type of linked returns, TaxCycle saves the return using only the main taxpayer’s name. The file manager won’t list the other dependants’ names, thus making it appear that there are no additional files with this person’s SIN.

So if this person has any other family members, open their return and check if this person is already listed as a dependant on that family member’s tax return. If yes, then you have to decide which return to process: the linked return or the non-linked return. Delete the one that you are not using, and then delete the shortcut to that deleted file in the Recent history in the Welcome to TaxCycle opening page.

Many Thanks for your reply to this question. In my case, the message is appearing on the file of a parent who previously had a child’s return connected to their return. The child’s file was disconnected last year to be processed “stand-alone”. It seems likely that this is the explanation for the message I’m getting.

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This happens in instances where a family member (lets say a child) is detached or uncoupled from the parents returns. I find the only way to get rid of this “One other file with this SIN is available” nag is to re-index the Client Manager database. Once you re-index the message disappears. Have to remember to delete that dependant from the dependant screen/worksheet from the parent’s file as well.

Many Thanks for this reply - - I will be glad to get rid of these messages!

@snoplowguy I won’t ask you to come and re-index the dateabase for me, but could you take me by the hand and show me how? I am an old man but still willing to learn.

If you go into TaxCycle Options (File–>Options)

Scroll down to “Client Manager” and click on that.
When it opens the next box beside Status it should say Status: Running
Just underneath that click on “Build an index”

I then check mark “Reset the database”
and then hit the button that says “Index now”

Usually just before doing that I will check the folders by clicking the folder icon in the grey bar and making sure all of the folders change from red to green, but I don’t think you need to do that. I find that I lose contact with the Client Manager from time to time and this test lets me know if it’s still communicating.

@snoplowguy Thanks for the advice. I believe I have done that - the log file says I did. But the message won’t go away. I rebooted the computer but the message won’t go away. I deleted the son’s name from the parents file but that stubborn message won’t go away. Is it prejudiced? Or sexist? I disconnected two granddaughters last year without a problem - now I go to disconnect a grandson but the message won’t go away. Am I going to have to reconnect him so i can file his taxes?

This message is really just to make you aware that you have another file with the same SIN. If you are confident that you are working with the right file, just sign off the message and TaxCycle won’t show you that warning for that file again.

Thanks, Cameron - that was SO easy! I dismissed the message but never thought of clicking the check mark. It is now filed!

And I always thought @snoplowguy had all the answers! I couldn’t resist saying that - you have been very helpful @snoplowguy.