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Deleting a tax

Is there away to delete a specific tax completely?

What do you mean? Delete HST? Would that not require an Act of Parliament?

I think that there is something that I am missing here.

What I meant was if I have a client and do their taxes and later want to delete there file, is there a delete button to remove this file from my client list. I hope this makes sense to you as I am not trying to change the Canadian Tax Laws.


Are you referring to the client list within the TaxCycle module called The Client Manager?

Are you referring to the CRA Represent A Business Authorization?

What do you mean by “Client List”?

If you delete a file in Client Manager (right click on the highlighted file), you have the option of removing them from Client Manager or deleting the file from your system as well. I tend to keep old files since memory is cheap but if you’ve somehow duplicated a file, this way can get rid of the file.

Thank you. I didn’t think this question was to complicated but it did seem to confuse people.

You are correct, it was not difficult, but also certainly not clear what you were asking for in your original email. If you had said “specific tax file” instead of “specific tax” there would have been no confusion and banter. I have found, from my own past experience, similar to this confusion, that it is better to read my emails a couple of times before posting or better yet the next day. However, that being said, I still hastily send an email which is not always clear and concise because we are all under such time constraints.

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If you delete a file from Client Manager, then also delete from “Recent”. I have run into problems when I did not do that.

If you do not wish to delete a file but to simply archive it, you can create an archived folder for clients who are no longer active but whose records you may wish to retain for a period of time. I use Windows Explorer to create a copy and save to my archived folder. Then I delete the file in the usual manner from the application. I have used this with strategy to be helpful with Profile prior to switching to TaxCycle.

If I am running various planning scenarios or making Adjustments, then I save copies of each version with the save as function. Default copy is the “as efiled copy” with the normal name. “T1Adj-1 slips matching” would be the T1Adj-1 copy for paper filed. “T1refile-1slips matching” is the Efiled Adjustment copy. I find it much easier to understand the incremental changes if I can review each version using the app