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Client Manager

I have two clients with the same name. They end up being lumped together with the same SIN listed for both in “Reference” column!

We’ve fixed this one. It’s a display issue only. The underlying data is fine and it will appear properly in the next release.

That seems to be fixed now, but I am now getting a message in the file warning bar at the top, that indicates “one other file with this SIN is available.”.

The taxpayers do have the exact same name but they definitely don’t have the same SIN.

I am able to dismiss but I think you will want to correct.

@Arliss – Whenever that message appears TaxCycle will also offer to open up the return with the same SIN. When you get a spare moment can you please open up that return and see what it has in common with the current taxpayer.

We need a little more information to investigate thoroughly.


~ Cameron

Sorry I should have started a new thread. This is no longer about the client manager.

That is the message I am referring to within a T1 file.

File has same name (including initial), same address. Different SIN.

I’ve identified the issue. In this scenario, the matching initial results in Client Manager matching the two taxpayers. This is something that we will address soon. A temporary work-around would be to differentiate the middle name/initial between the two taxpayers.

I use a period on one file in the initial box and leave it off the other.
Works like a charm
ie: Daddy A Boy and Daddy A. Boy