Non Professional - Users

Wondering if there is a screening tool for users for this Community group? I have now noticed on a few occasions that people are coming into this forum in search of answers to questions either about preparing their own tax return or for a family or friend. One user even stated he was using Turbo Tax.

Maybe it is time to tighten up the rules of entry to this community to professional tax preparers, users of @taxcycle or those that of an interest in becoming a TaxCycle user.

Maybe I am being somewhat elitist but I like the fact that as colleagues we share and learn, but I don’t want to teach, especially to users of over the counter tax products.




It’s TaxCycle’s choice and for sure people have to start somewhere. But.

There’s not many places or forums (fori? fora?) where pros can discuss tax and more particularly tax prep issues. And, of course, TaxCycle which is not likely used by non-pros.


Just don’t answer them. I’ve got 60 years of experience and, once in a while, one of those questions reminds me of something.
Some of those non-pro users may come to realize the benefit of engaging one of us.


@mjeconsulting Agreed.
Actually I have never been able to see what the value is in having the entire contents of this forum, word for word, indexed in Google’s searchable open database. The greater likelihood is that such (novice) readers would misconstrue what they read, and in terms of the legal issues of mandatory compliance with the (ever-changing) laws regarding taxation, could be harmful.


Good point about the google search. I actually saw a link to this forum posted on Reddit.

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Personally would prefer that it were a private, non-searchable forum, but that may not suit TC’s intentions. There are other locations to discuss tax issues “privately” among pros if desired. Who knows who is scraping contents? (esp with real names linked and visible…)