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Did not know about this community

I wish I had known about this community. I have been using Tax cycle for 4 years and never knew there was a community where we could talk to each other. I was having problems with the billing page this year. I had it marked to only bill a set amount for T1 and set amount for T2125 but it would add more schedules to my billing. So I just unchecked the schedule and hourly. Then I just have to enter my fee’s manually. Good thing I do not do hundreds of Tax returns anymore
Thanks, Sherry

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Welcome Sherry! This is a great forum…interaction with both the developers and other users of TaxCycle. Lots of knowledge and interesting situations to be gained or learned from. Enjoy.


Welcome @sherry! Just out of curiosity, how did you end up discovering the community? What worked to bring it to your attention? Maybe it will help us learn how to let more people know.


This community is a game changer. So much knowledge here.


I was looking up something on a tax return. I did the F1 and it brought me to the TaxCycle page. So their I have to figure out what I am looking for. (I wish when you hit F1 it would bring you right to the page you are asking about) So because I was having problems finding what I was looking for I came across somewhere that it said " you can also go to our community page" and it gave in instruction where to find it. I have always gotten frustrated trying to find answer on here, So I would usually just call or go to the CRA website and look for my answers. So finding this really is going to be helpful for next year

TaxCycle is one of the most valuable and generous sources of technical, practice, and tax information that I have experienced since I first started in Tax Prep in 1999 for the 1998 tax season using ProFile.

I love the continual improvement and expansion of features, functions, and apps. :slight_smile:

This is my 20th anniversary as a Tax Preparer and my third season with TaxCycle. During this time I have used ProFile from 1999 to 2016. I switched to TaxCycle in 2017 for the 2016 tax season. Intermittently I have used the following apps as needed for sub-contracting and client support - TaxPrep, Visual Tax, Dr. Tax, CanTax, Ufile, and Turbo Tax.

TaxCycle has taken the worry out tax season due to technical issues. I am so very impressed with TaxCycle and the the Trilogy Software development and support team!

I am still learning lots and uncovering more and more tools and features as I dive more deeply into specific situations and look forward to the day when I be the speedster in TaxCycle that I was ProFile.


I Love TaxCycle I have been using since 2013, For tax year 2012. I use to only use CanTax. When I would work in an accounting firm I would use ProFIle. I have found TaxCycle to be easier to work with once I learn were a few feature were with in the program. It is just funny I had never known about the community section. I wish that when I have spoken to people on the phone they would have even told me about this great community.

I have found it now and that is what counts. I look forward to learning more about this wonderful program. And all these other cool features I am reading about that I did not even know were their to help us. I to have been doing Taxes since 1997

Thank you for your response