New to Tax Cycle

Hello experienced Tax Cycle users,

After using Cantax for over 15 yaers, I am switching from Cantax to Tax Cycle for both T1 and T2.

Software is alraedy installed. Any suggestions as to how to start, where to start, precaustions to take, carry forwrading 2020 Cantax files to Tax Cycle and any other suggestions helping the transition are greatly apprecited.

Thanks in advance.

Start with TaxCycle’s support page – lots of great information to get going.

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Congrats on moving over to TC from Cantax. I had been with Cantax for over 20 years and switched over in 2020. I was a bit nervous at first, because I was so used to everything in Cantax. My experience with the TC suite has been really positive. The application it self is very user friendly. Carrying forward from Cantax to TC is very easy as well. TC has a lot of video tutorials available that show everything from the basic return prep to various templates that save time.

My personal favorite thing about TC is the Corporate Group Information feature in T2 where you can group associated corps. In here you can adjust the % of SBD to maximize the claim for the year in one corp and all associated corps allowable SBD deduction gets updated when you open their respective file. The other thing I like about TC is that all prior year software applications come with the current subscription. Unlike Cantax where you have to repurchase the software in case you switch systems and do have the downloads stored.

The support from TC group is fantastic! You will be very pleased with the TC product!!


I like watching the videos: Video Tutorials | TaxCycle

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Thanks all