Missing Taxcycle Icon

I recently installed Taxcycle and every few days it seems the “Taxcycle Icon” disappears. The only way to get it back it to reinstall the software. Does anyone have any ideas on why this might be happening? Windows 7 32 bit.

The icon is missing from the Desktop Shortcut as well as the Start Menu Program
The icons are still there on all of the .exe files under Program Files\Trilogy Software\Taxcycle

I have a screenshot of the error code I get when I try to rebuild the icon but I’m not sure how to attach images to this forum. The windows error message basically says;

Windows can’t find the file "%SystemRoot%\Installer{302B0A47-8451-4Fd4-9Dc9-EE1E5319AFC8}\TaxCycleIconId.exe

I looked in Windows and Windows\System32 and I don’t seem to have a folder or directory called “Installer”

Any ideas?


You can attach images by just dragging and dropping the image file from your desktop into the editing window of this forum…

It might be helpful for us to see the error exactly as you do…

Thanks in advance.

~ Cameron

Lets try this then…

From the change icon button, if you can get to a screen the looks like this:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Trilogy Software\TaxCycle\TaxCycle.exe

where it says “look for icons in this file”, and then select the only available icon.

I’m not sure why this is happening, but I’ll mention it to the team in the morning.

Please let me know if this sorts it out.

~ Cameron

Thank you Cam, yes your instructions worked.

I had to do that with the desktop shortcut, as well as the executable items in the Start Menu/Programs/Trilogy Software Inc.

Hey SPG,

I was wondering if we would see you here eventually

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Thanks for the welcome James. They ran out of beer at the other place. :slight_smile:

I’m a little slower than most so it took a while to find my way over.


Snowshovel, you are missing the ‘w’ in snow…

Thanks for the detailed error information… we’ve had occasional reports of icons going missing but we’ve never been able to solve it. We’ve made a change to the install, and we expect that solve the problem for the long term.


~ Cameron

Cameron, is there any update available to get the icon?
MY software is up to date, and I don;t use DoxCycle…
I can;t drag and drop like Snoplow can, so pls help out


If you have the same problem, a full install of the new version from the download page should fix your icons…


Let us know if you need more help.

~ Cameron

cam, had other win7 issues as well, hope to change computer to Mac, any ideas around TaxCycle?

I doubt you will ever see Taxcycle on a Mac. I am not sure what problems you are having with Windows 7; however, I still use it and have not had any major issues at all. I am not sure how anyone could run an accounting practice using a Mac. I liked the mac I owned, but since most of the programs I use are not compatible, you would be running Windows 7 in parallels anyways.

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You can try on other window version because it is not compatible with your window 7. have you find any error message when you reinstall on window? You can follow on https://babasupport.org/windows/windows-error-0x8024200b/ for your window error solution

Everything works for me and I use Windows 7 home .

This is continuously happening to me