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Minor UX suggestion for drop down lists

When I click on drop down lists (ex. NAICS, CCA classes, etc.) TaxCycle tends to open to the top of the list even when there has been a selection made. Would you consider changing this behavior so that the list opens to whatever the current selection is (when there is something in the cell)? I think this would be a good UX tweak for review - often I just want to double check what the current selection is, and I haven’t quite memorized those NAICS codes so it often requires some scrolling to get to the selection, or re-typing the code in, etc.



Yes, there are a few improvements we could make here. I’ll see if we can fine tune this in the next week or two without introducing any risk.

You don’t have to memorize them - just start typing what the main product is and the list condenses for quick checking.


I’ve changed this. It will be in the next release… (the next release will be ‘optional’, so you’ll only get it if you’ve changed your auto-update settings to include ‘optional’ releases).

Thanks Cameron!