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Highlight current line

It would be nice if, when I selected a certain field in TaxCycle, the line across the form would be highlighted. This way it would be easy to see which line I was on, especially on forms like the T2125’s, etc.

If this was implemented, it should be optional since some will find it annoying


It’s on our list – hopefully for later in this season… Sometimes we do an option Future Features release in March/April, which uses the same tax calculations as the main stream but offers a few new interface tricks for the adventurous. This item is on that list.

@james1 – And yes, the line highlight will be optional

But for now, I will go back to my Tax Data Delivery and T3 work… :smile:

~ Cameron

And get the preview off the T5013? :smile:


That’s right… It’s not family day weekend here… it’s the T3/T5013 weekend.

~ Cameron