Minor UX suggestion - add right click to copy SIN/BN from client manager

I’m transitioning our firm over to TaxCycle right now, and we’re loving client manager so far.

One minor change we would really appreciate would be to add an option to copy the SIN/BN from client manager (in list returns or card view) to the clipboard without any spaces in the SIN number (ex. through a right click list option).

I realize in list mode we can highlight and copy; however, for SIN numbers the spaces get included and our main purpose here is to quickly paste into Rep a Client, so the last two digits are always cut off.

Thanks for your consideration! :relaxed:

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I’ll add a right-click copy menu to the client details shortly. It may not make the next release, but this will be in the following one (mid-December).

Thank you, Andrew—very much appreciated!

I was able to get this new copy function into today’s release (v6.0.30697.0).

As well as the taxpayers SIN/BN, I added the copy function to the taxpayers name, date of birth, phone number and email address.

I have either misunderstood how this is supposed to work or it isn’t working.

Can anyone confirm it works?

Thanks, Andrew! Very much appreciated!

I edited this comment to remove my suggestion - should have read the release notes first!

I have gotten it to work as described in the release notes briefly now. It has since stopped working again.

Seems to work consistently in card view just not in list view.

It has been working on this end from the client card preview while in list mode so far. I’ll update if we run into any similar issues though.

We have noticed a minor issue in list view. When I right-click on relevant client info while in list view in client manager, the copy menu always appears; however, it is often “greyed out,” and “copy” can’t be selected.

It looks like the function only works while in list view if your last mouse click was a left-click on the client who’s info you want to be copying. For instance, if I’ve right-clicked on the SIN number to copy, and then try to right-click to copy the phone number, the “copy” option appears for the phone number but it can’t be selected/completed. If I want to successfully copy the phone number in this scenario, I have to go up and left-click on the client again in between any copies or other mouse clicks.

Andrew, would that be a difficult issue to fix?

I’ve been able to reproduce this and are looking into it. It appears that the copy menu item won’t enable when the TaxCycle window doesn’t have the keyboard focus. For example, if you click in the Client Manager search box so you can type something, the copy menu item is properly enabled.

Just an update to confirm that everything appears to be worked out as of the latest build. Thanks again for implementing this!

This function has been resulting in TaxCycle crashing quite frequently when I right click and select the copy function for both SIN numbers and BNs.The crashes occur in both the list and client card views in the Client Manager database. I’ve sent each of the reports in.

A reboot fixes the issue for a while, but after I’ve been working on various files throughout the day it seems to keep returning. When I rebooted most recently there were some Windows updates pending, not sure if that would have anything to do with it. The good news is the SIN/BN values are still being copied to the clipboard - it’s just the crash report popping up. I’m running 6.0.30939.0 on Win 10 Pro 64, and the crashes started occurring at least one version prior to this one.


I suspect that this is because you are using terminal services or remote desktop or something similar. The built in windows clipboard is slightly allergic to these things and fails occasionally and randomly. Normally, we put some safeguarding code around the “copy to the clipboard” method, but we forgot in this instance.

We’ve made the change to account for this. You’ll see the update sometime next week. Sorry for the trouble.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

Thanks Cameron – I do log in remotely from time to time so that was likely the cause.

Thanks for looking into this.