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Feature request

When on the info screen. Copying the SIN field as a nine digit number would be helpful when cutting and pasting into Represent A Client on CRA website.

Already does this… Check your pop up menu for the option and the special key strokes to do this.

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Thanks. never thought of that. “Copy without spaces”

Where is this?

Go to info screen. right click on SIN and choose copy without spaces. then you can cut / paste into Represent a CLient

Do a right-click on the SIN to see this. You can also do this in the client manager.

Good to know - thank you!

I just realized that you may think that you have to be on the Info screen to do this. It works all SIN fields (though not the SIN on the top centre of each form for some reason.)

For instance, you can also do a right-click on the T1 General (for the taxpayer OR the spouse,) T183, T1013, T1032, T1DD, T1A, etc… Some cases you don’t see the copy without spaces. In those cases, the copy works fine for this purpose.