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Manually build .cor / .xml files


Is there any way to build the T2 .cor file or slip xml files without trying to transmit the return from within TaxCycle?



Currently, TaxCycle creates the xml file with each corporate internet file attempt.
(This xml file can be found in File > Info > History).

However, TaxCycle does not create a .cor file. This is something we will take a look at doing in a future release so preparers can attach .cor file via My Business Account.

If you have any question, please let us know.


Thanks Steven!

I had found the xml files and because there is some manual intervention involved, at least those are easy to capture.

Would be interested in the ability to generate a .cor file in the future!

Hi! I have been using visual tax for the past number of years and decided to try tax cycle as I feel visual tax has become somewhat archaic. But I must add that being able to prepare the xml and .cor files are very important features that allow filing through Represent A Client and My Business Account. This is a feature that visual tax has had for sometime and I am a little dismayed that tax cycle does not have these features. I do hope this is being considered for the near future. Thank You!
BTW, I am still really new to this software but so far very pleased with it!

Debbie i switch last year from visual tax and am glad i did if you need any help just ask

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks! I have used the T2 module a few times but have not had much to do with the T1 module. Coming months will put me to the test! :slight_smile:

Well I did 2600 t1 last year and was very happy

WOW! Awesome! Glad to hear you are happy with the program! You certainly have experience with this software! Thanks again for your offer!