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T4 Client letters

We send cover letters/emails to our clients when we issue T4s. Most of our clients have only the shareholders as employees, but some have employees as well. This letter adjusts for that, and for if we prepare their personal tax returns in house or not, if you add a couple of Custom Fields to the T4 module.

{{# CurrentClient}}{{# Info.Filing }}
{{ format(SigningDate, “January 2, 2003”) }} {{/ Info.Filing }}

{{CurrentClient.Info.IssuerAddress.City}}, {{CurrentClient.Info.IssuerAddress.Province}} {{CurrentClient.Info.IssuerAddress.PostalCode}}

Dear {{Info.SigningAddress.FirstName}},
T4 Employment income return
The financial statements of {{CurrentClient.Info.IssuerAddress.Name}} show salaries paid during the calendar year. Forms T4 Summary and T4 Supplementary must be filed with Canada Revenue Agency no later than February 28, {{CurrentClient.Info.Filing.TaxYear+1}} in respect to these salaries.
We have filed the T4 summary and supplementary returns with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf. A copy is of these returns is attached for your corporate records.
{{#isno(customfield(“T1inhouse”))}}Your personal copies are also attached. You need to include them with your personal tax return when you file.{{/isno(customfield(“T1inhouse”))}}
{{#isyes(customfield(“T1inhouse”))}}I have kept your personal copies on file in my office for use in filing your personal tax return. {{/isyes(customfield(“T1inhouse”))}}
{{#isyes(customfield(“NonSHEmp”))}}Your employee’s T4’s are also attached. You must distribute them to your employees before February 28.{{/isyes(customfield(“NonSHEmp”))}}
{{#CurrentClient.T4Summary[0].T4SummaryInfo}}{{#BalanceDue}}You owe ${{format(BalanceDue)}}.{{# BalanceDue > 2}} This amount is payable to the Receiver General on or before February 28, {{ CurrentClient.Info.Filing.TaxYear }}. There are various ways to make your payment. You can make your payment electronically using your financial institution’s internet or telephone banking services. Alternatively, you can pay with a cheque. Write your social insurance number on the back, and mail it to the nearest Tax Services Office, located at Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, T5J 4C8. Balances due can result in audits or other requeests for information from CRA. Please contact us if CRA contacts you regarding this amount.{{/end}} {{# BalanceDue > 0 and BalanceDue <= 2 }}The CRA does not require payment of a balance owing that is 2 or less.{{/end}} {{/end}} {{#CurrentClient.T4Summary[0].T4SummaryInfo}}{{# Overpayment}} Your return shows an overpayment of {{format(Overpayment)}}. {{# Overpayment > 2}}Overpayments can result in audits or other requeests for information from CRA. Please contact us if CRA contacts you regarding this amount. {{/end }} {{# Overpayment > 0 and Overpayment <= 2 }}The CRA does not refund balances of $2 or less.{{/end}}
If you have any questions or concerns about your tax situation or filing deadlines for this year, please give me a call at or email me.