Loading T4A using 000-000-000 SIN's

I’m preparing a number of T4A’s and sometimes don’t have the business number and have used 000-000-000 in the SIN number field in previous years. The import won’t allow for duplicate SIN entries: Is there a way to override that?

Any other approaches out there for this problem?

What is the point of filing slips of any kind without the SIN or BN of the recipient? CRA won’t be able to match it to the recipient. You might as well not bother filing it.

Scholarships have to be reported on a T4A and some foreign students won’t have a SIN.

‘Other Income’ Box 28 is NOT mandatory so those could be left out with no ramifications.

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Any experience with avoid duplicate SIN number errors for this situation?

I efiled 136 T4s including 2 with SIN 000 000 000. No problem. NEVER had a T4A with SIN 000 000 000.

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I have a similar situation. 1,000 + T4A’s for a Co-op (patronage allocation), but quite a few do not have a SIN. I’m getting the same duplicate error on import blank or 0’s. Any workaround?

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The work around that lets me load the slips is to put in sequential SIN numbers 001…002 etc and then change it to 000 on the screen.