Linking to QBO

Not sure if this is in the proper to call it a bug report, but somehow i lost the connection to QBO. now when i click on export this invoice to quickbooks it just says to sign in to authorize TaxCycle but doesn’t actually give me the screen to log in so i cant have my bill posted to QBO. Tried it on both my computers same thing went into option and it shows the connection just cant log in to it

I’m getting a “Bad Request” message when exporting invoices to QuickBooks Online. Made sure TaxCycle was connected and still getting the same error message.

Havent had that at all just the diaolog box not showing which now shows

Issue resolved. Was actually my Avast firewall blocking the connection. Also had issues with e-courier (would time out after a few minutes). Avast finally had an update yesterday and it solved all my issues.