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Invoicing using QuickBooks Online?

Anyone here using QuickBooks online for billing direct from TaxCycle?

I can connect ok but it doesn’t seem to be getting my current lists downloaded to the drop lists.

For example my list for Personal Tax 2015 isn’t available but ones for prior years are. I can still go online to do the billing I just thought it might be a time saver to go direct from TaxCycle.

Maybe there is a trick or a limit to the number of entries in the drop lists or…


Hi im using the link with TaxCycle and Quickbooks online and it works fine except that it seems to not print the clients name on the invoice just address even when i do a new invoice in QBO it shows the name just not when doing export from taxcycle. The only other problem i have is that when i switch computers the link disappears and i have to reconnect the link. But everything else seems to work fine

I haven’t even gotten that far because I can’t get the item for personal tax 2015 to show up in the drop list.

I have even tried a different computer/browser in case it was a ‘cache’ thing.

My billing logged in directly to QBO works just fine.

In QBO there is an option for Customers to Print display name as… I would check that there isn’t some kind of non printing character in that spot. My invoices are printing fine – but so far I am not exporting from TaxCycle.

My list are downloading fine, but im thinking i did something on the first one as it seems to be doing it correctly without asking me what item to use. I’ll look into he customer display as i didn’t notice that feild