QuickBooks Invoice Export

Not sure it is on my end or TaxCycles end. When I export an invoice to QuickBooks Online, I am getting the error “Input string was not in correct format” Any idea what I am doing wrong, it worked last year?

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I also haven’t been able to make this feature work and it would be very helpful if I could!

We will look into it. It may be that Quickbooks has updated something on their end and not let us know.

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it works for me with online quickbooks

Do you use custom invoice numbers by chance? If yes, can you send me a sample?

I use year and invoice number. For the 9th invoice I would use 2021-09

QBO error

Update, I restarted my computer and played around with different setting in options and it is now working, but still getting the pop up error that input string was not in correct format.

Hi Michael, if you can send me your log files from when this error occurs, I can take a look and see if I can figure out what is happening. Thanks!

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Hi Sylvia, can you provide any log files, or further details when it happens? I’m trying to reproduce it, but I haven’t had that error occur yet. Are there any special characters entered in any fields, or any other unusual data entered? Thanks!

The problem we are having is that when I am asked to Select Quickbooks Customer, only a very small portion of our client list comes up. We do have a large client list. which includes projects, and I’m only getting to D on the list that comes up.