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2018 Suggestions T1/T3/T2 Etc

2017 list - 2017 Suggestions

I am starting my 2018 list for things I find in the current software that I think should be looked at. If you agree please like the posts.

  1. When we have done the AFR, personally, I think these messages should go away.

  2. It would be nice to have some way of marking a slip as amended in taxcycle

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I know this is the T3; however,

When you have multiple executors for the T1013, the program enters a comma between them on the T1013 which then throws a diagnostic asking you to enter the legal representatives name

Name of Trustee on T3APP pulls only first trustee from Info but does not leave a space between first and last name.

No auto date on signing section of T3APP

clicking no for using above address for T3 on T3APP only highlights the Mailing address of the representative for input ignoring the telephone, city, province and postal code


Another T3 request

Can we have the option to carry forward the allocations options year to year

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It would be nice to have a clear slip values option when deleting slip. or have it on the diagnostic saying a slip has been deleted with values

In regards to the T3 issues:

All of these will be addressed in our next release coming soon - with the exception of the auto signing date, we have left that as an edit field as many people indicated they preferred to have that date remain as an edit field rather than coming from the signing date on the Info page. If you wish to enter the current date in the date field, typing “t” or “=” will do the trick.

Additionally the option for the carryforward of allocation options will be in our 2018 version of the T3 module.

~ Rob

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Would be great if the program would ‘link’ the workflow with the engagement page, so that when on the workflow it is indicated that data is received, it automatically populate this field: {{CurrentClient.Engage.Engagement.DateReceived}}. Also, would be great to be able to assign tax return preparer on the workflow screen.
In addition, would be great if due date on workflow, as well as this field {{CurrentClient.Engage.Engagement.EngagementDueDate}} would autopopulate based on module.
And if the ‘client engagement package sent’ would populate when the ‘pre season letter’ or ‘engagement letter’ is printed.


Would be great if the e-Courier new contact screen would populate from the info page on the tax return.

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Corporate AFR brings in corporate tax balance including prior years. Maybe a quick AFR fix to ask if you want to correct or to post

Maybe diagnostics if we have prior year balances owing. This is is more helpful for new clients.

I would also find it helpful if the S1 line 101 gave me a diagnostic if the balance does not match the taxes owing. help catch some of the dyslexic entries etc. Might have to clear the sign off on this field each time the data is imported from CaseWare. (just caught on on review which made me think about it)

So, S1 line 101 should agree to line 770 in the T2 jacket? Correct?
Is this always the case? If not, I can add the suggestion review message but turn it off by default so only those needing it can turn it on.


Hmm, this might have been one of those ideas that sound good at the time. Why I brought it up was my staff keyed $66639 for line 101 of the S1 but should have keyed $66939. If you quickly look at the number you may not notice the difference; however, line 101 should equal line 770 unless there is a correction in the year or possibly there is a dividend refund. Depending on whether they are following GAAP or not, would depend on if you need to take into account line 784 or not. The more I think about it, it may not be that great of an idea.

I agree with @james1 second thought on this. Line 101 of S1 should always match the financial statements tax number and that is what it is supposed to match, not line 770 of the jacket. Since we import GIFI information from CaseWare, line 101 is populated from that import. and we are happy with that method.

So if a diagnostic is added for that, my vote would be for it to default to being off.

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We import the GIFI as well, the entry error was in the CaseWare journal entry. As much as I would like a way to catch the small keying errors, I think the best course would be to just leave as the status quo.

If would be nice if the AFR would compare a couple of boxes in completed slips to provide a suggested match.

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I have noticed some different things regarding AFR. The preview screen does not show any values for lines that have multiple options on the Taxcycle input screen. For example, if I have an amount in say line 21 of the T3 entered, the preview screen says that cell is nil despite a value being entered into Taxcycle. Box 30 of the T4A is the same I think.

I am trying this slip match thing too and I think it needs some help. I have one slip from CIBC Trust. All the investments are are Imperial … Pool and the program says the first one is maybe CI investments Inc, and the next six investments it thinks might be London Life ut the matching put them all to CIBC Trust slip that was entered. So my question how does this new feature actually work? as my previous post asked, does the program actually consider the values entered in the return when matching?

I have noticed the same thing with AFR re some values not showing. On the plus side since the AFR screen is no longer modal I can get to the T3 and confirm I have the matching correct. But it would be nice for the numbers to show up in AFR.

My matching was correct but it was suggesting slips that did not exist in my file. One other thing, I think we need a bit more work on the T5008 import if you want to do it. Maybe a post all T5008 to one slip or the ability to select a group and map at once. (maybe it can do this already, I have not tried)

It appears that the unused RRSP contributions did not roll over. Edit, actually Taxcycle rolled it properly. When I looked it more closely, I filed a T746 to remove the excess contribution which was accepted and paid by CRA but they did not update the online system to show that I no longer have the unused contributions. I guess the form is still on someones desk???

Publishing to slipsync from T3 program posts slips that are marked as exclude from filing. Not sure about the other modules

Would be nifty if we could open up theTaxcycle file from the associated Doxcycle file.


For the T4 module, would it be possible to add a summary form that would show the sums for all the boxes, not just the box 14, 16, 18, 22.

Asking because we had some clients with pension adjustment, RPP, union dues, box 40 etc. and it would make the review and identifying the source of errors more expedient if we were able to look at the details of each T4 in that summary format.


this has been requested for some time now.