Integration with Microsoft Outlook 365 Desktop

I started using a TaxCycle Print Function / Template combo to send clients an email with the E-file Receipt as an attachment. The process works very well. The text in the templates populates the email, and the e-file receipt is indeed added as an attachment. I’m left with two remaining tasks:

  • change the client name from fully Uppercase to that of Sentence Case (haven’t found a template option to do this, but not a big issue
  • change the outgoing email address from my Outlook address to my business GMAIL email address.

I’ve tried numerous settings within Outlook, including setting my Business Email Address to be the default email address, but TaxCycle refuses to acknowledge this, even with a reboot of the PC.

Outlook does not allow me to select GMAIL as the default Data File, as the data files (.pst) must use the same format as offline Outlook data files (.ost). Could this be the reason why the Outlook personal email address is ALWAYS selected?

I sent several emails from this address before I noticed the issue, and it’s easy to forget to change the address when I’m in a rush.

Does anyone else have this issue where TaxCycle is selecting the wrong outgoing address?
Does anyone know a quick fix for it (but only if you have time, as this is a busy period for everyone with little free time for tinkering until after tax season).

I haven’t tried this but, assuming you’re using Windows 10, you can go into settings and change the default email app. That may work.

Thanks for the reply, Kevin.
Yes, I’m using Win10 and made sure my Bus email address is registered as an account with Win10, but that makes no difference. The message is indeed opening in Microsoft Outlook (my default email program), it’s just not selecting the business email address like it should. I’ll play with it more after tax season. It’s just too busy right now.

Sorry, I thought you wanted it to use a different email program.

I use Thunderbird as my email program. On that program, the email account at the top of the list is deemed to be your primary email. It could be the same in Outlook.

Nope. Business Email is at the top of the list in Outlook. So that’s not it. Good thought though.

I’ve used Thunderbird in the past, both on my Linux O/S and in Windows. Much prefer Outlook, although it too has its issues, like this issue with choosing the wrong email address. I’m guessing the problem is linked to the file structure in how Gmail saves it’s files within Outlook (the data file), and Outlook not allowing me to set the Gmail data file as default. After tax season, I’ll create another Outlook email address, set that new Outlook address as the default data file, and see what TaxCycle does with that new information, whether it chooses the current Outlook address or the New Outlook Address. That should lead me in the right direction to finding a fix.

I think you can change default programs in window settings. Change your default email from outlook to Gmail

Thanks, @msbuttar, but that’s not it. I already have Microsoft Outlook selected as the default mail app and it opens perfectly. The Windows settings related to email are for the Windows Mail program which I don’t use. I think it’s an issue directly related to Outlook and how it reads the default email account to choose.

Selecting the Default email address in Outlook moves that address to the top of the list, and allows Outlook to open to that email address each time Outlook is opened. This part works, and my business email always opens when I open the program. It’s an issue with the “API” integration with other program and the incorrect email address being chosen.

I wonder if there are any parameters that can be set within TaxCycle to open Outlook to the correct email address? TaxCycle settings => Files and Folders => Sharing => Email
Are there any parameters to add after the file directory path & application are selected?
ie: c:\ …\Outlook.exe /default <default_email_address to open>


Decided to do a quick test before going to bed. Created a new Outlook email account using my business name. Then I set that new account Data File in Outlook to be the default, leaving my business Gmail account to be the default email address. Closed Outlook, then re-opened it to activate the change. Went back to TaxCycle and printed a client E-file Receipt, and voila, it opened Outlook using the new Business Outlook address.

So problem solved. It is the Outlook Data File that controls which email address is selected in the outgoing email message sent by TaxCycle. It seems that only Outlook data files can be accepted as defaults. Gmail email addresses aren’t compatible.