New templates: Work complete email... What do you think?

Hello everyone,

Back in December, I posted samples of the "End of Season" templates created during the Template Editor webinars. They have evolved a little over the last few months and I wanted to post another set of these templates.

I’m hoping a that a few people will try them out this season and let me know what they think so that we can decide whether to include them in our build-in templates for the following year. To try them, drop them into your templates folder and restart TaxCycle.
A few details about the following two templates:

  • They are meant to provide you a quick way to confirm that the engagement with your client is complete.

  • They are email templates, and contain very little personal information about your clients and their tax returns. For this reason, many details that are already stated in the client letters–such as balance owing and refund–do not appear in this email.

  • The family template should work for both couples and families as it will generate a list of details for all the full tax returns in the file.

Client Complete Email.taxcycletemplate (4.6 KB)
Family Complete Email.taxcycletemplate (5.0 KB)



Another angle on this could be a more formal letter that requires the client sign off to that they have reviewed the tax return and are satisfied with the billing for the work completed. I have only seen one very generic sample of such a letter and would like to know if people use this kind of letter–and if so, what they would like it to say–before I put something together.

For years I have used a document I call “Confirmation of Engagement and Letter of Representation”. I found it impractical to have clients sign an engagement letter in advance for various reasons. Most of my clients had already been clients for a couple of decades when T1 engagement letters became standard practice. Many families send one member to deliver their slips &c. or send them by mail or messenger. I took the position that by sending their information they are engaging me on the same terms as in the prior year. When clients come to sign their T183, they also sign the “Confirmation of Engagement and Letter of Representation” which includes their acceptance of the completed return and my fee. I keep the signed original along with the T183 and any other relevant documents such as pension splitting elections, principal residence designations and the like.