Lastest update

Lastest update through TaxCycle failed to complete. Had to uninstall, reboot and then install to get it to work.

My TaxCycle program hasn’t indicated a new version in the last few days. I did notice that you must install the full program from TaxCycle’s system (ie - you can’t just update the program). I’m not sure if that’s the problem.

We did the update and lost our client manager. It has been a nightmare, with over 200,000 files. They promised a new update to fix. The update came out this morning and wont even load, keeps giving errors and rolls back to the last update that messed everything up.

Similar issues. Was able to get the client manager to work again though after re-indexing.

Lots to think about. I think my love affair may be ending. :frowning:

Updated to version 12.0.48838.0 this morning from TaxCycle app. no issue .
Just had to re-index client manager to related folder. :wink:

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I had no problems with client manager after re-indexing.

However, I notice that when I go to save a file, I can no longer scroll through the list of workflow items with the mouse wheel - I must click on the scroll BAR at the right. Was this intentional?

Having that same issue, thought maybe it was something on my end. Very annoying!

Mouse wheel problem also. Raised a support ticket. Suggest you do so also at Contact Us - TaxCycle

Not sure if the issue is TaxCycle related but rather a Windows glitch. I’m experiencing the same with Office 365, mostly Excel.
On the other hand, once I click on the scroll bar, the mouse wheel works just fine.
As a note … no issue with Excel on the Imac. :wink:

Based on comment by @taxwave , I tried the click with the scroll wheel and it did not work.

BUT when I moved the mouse to hover over the scroll bar, then the scroll wheel works.

Which does suggest that this is an issue with Windows and not Taxcycle. Though it is entirely possible that there is a programming glitch or something resulting from the upgrade to the new dot NET framework.

We’ve fixed the mouse wheel behavior on the workflow save dialog. We’re close to releasing our slips filing version, so it may not make this release. It will certainly be in the one after this.