Instant Assessment Message may be available

I have chosen not to use this option.

Can you tie this to the T183 response and use it only when applicable?

Not urgent, but I don’t need the message distraction when it is not applicable to me.

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We show this message when CRA indicates in their response that an instant assessment may be available.

They should not send this indication when you don’t have the box ticked on the T183.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. We will consider some accommodations on our end. However, it would be better if CRA’s service worked as documented…

~ Cameron

The “Instant Assessment” message doesn’t really bother me, but to let you know @Cameron, I do not have the “Instant CRA Assessment Results” ticked on any of my T183’s but do see the “Instant Assessment Message may be Available” from time to time.

I will continue to pay attention to what conditions trigger the message, however, it seems like I am getting this message (a pop up bar across the top of the return) when the client has no balance due and no refund.

The only thing we are looking at now is if CRA gives us the indicator that you should get one…

~ Cameron

Yes, on the Info page I have the the instant assessment box ticked “no” but the CRA still gives me the option. I quess I can ignore the option from the CRA unless I really want the instant assessment which I would rather have the client get this info.